Optimizing On-Page SEO To Deliver Value To Your Website - Research From Semalt

For any online business, getting an adequate coverage especially on the internet is key. For an internet marketer, booking a strong presence in internet platforms like search engines and social media is usually the primary goal. This stage is where Search Engine Optimization comes to play. The goal of any SEO campaign is generating quality traffic for your e-commerce website by booking top positions in the standard SERP of some specific keywords. In this regard, the higher your site appears, the more persons searching those particular keywords are likely to click your page.

On-Page SEO helps pages gain authority in the search engine results through aspects like keyword selection and content creation. A web page which appears first has a 99% chance of getting most clicks, especially when the content is relevant. However, doing this task is not very easy.

Lisa Mitchell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, describes several ways on how you can optimize your on-page SEO:

Key words selection

Just like any other SEO challenges, the primary task is finding competitive keywords. Apps such as Google AdWords and SEMrush can help you find keywords which have a weak competition. The keywords are essential for use in the web content. Here, the concept is that when you include keywords in your web content, Google crawler bots index your content and it appears in Google's search results the next time a person clicks on your link. The keywords need to be available to specific parts of a web page to achieve this CTR. For instance, it is important to include keywords on the page title, meta description as well as the page content itself. AdWords has a feature that shows you the metrics and quantitative analysis of the performance of your keywords.

Content Selection

The content should be relevant to the niche you are targeting. There should be an appropriate placement of keywords on that page. The content should be of a decent length, depending on desktop view or mobile view. Ensure that you do not have duplicate content on the page you are optimizing. Duplicate content introduces multiple URLs, reducing page authority as well as ranking.

Design of the page

For Google to rank a page, it has to be responsive, mobile friendly and with relevant content. Google algorithm awards pages by user intent and experience. You should create a web page which engages a user for some time, easy to use as well as one with a fast loading speed. Including some social media linkage as well as videos can be an extra advantage.


For every online start up, some amount of digital marketing is essential. Many companies adopt to SEO techniques and succeed in making many customers out of simple on page SEO and website design tasks. To succeed online, some crucial on page SEO factors need strict adherence. For instance, users can get a steady flow of traffic from the keyword selection as well as benefit from the high conversion rate of a successful SEO campaign. After using the guidelines above, your online marketing can be very fruitful. These tips not only apply for getting many visitors but also play a part in lead generation as well as converting visitors into buyers.

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